CBD Patches for Chronic Pain

CBD Patches for Chronic Pain

How CBD Patches Are Helping People with Chronic Pain.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, it seems like CBD is making its way into everything nowadays.
The list of CBD-infused products includes gels, chocolate, gummies, skin creams, coffee, and CBD Oils.
One of the latest addition to the list is CBD patches.
As you probably already know, patches have been existing for many years already and are famous for effectively delivering healthy ingredients into the bloodstream.
Today, it’s now getting utilized as a vehicle for CBD to get into your body and help you enjoy the benefits of the CBD natural component.

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The technology used in creating CBD patches has already been around for decades, despite the product being relatively new in the market.
The technological concept is much similar to birth control or nicotine patches, added with a couple of twists to ensure that the patch can deliver CBD to the bloodstream effectively.
CBD patches contain a dose of Cannabidiol molecules, infused in an isolated oil, gel, or solution.
They also have carriers and permeation enhancers, and because your skin has a low CBD concentration, the high concentration of the patch moves the Cannabinoid into your body.
CBD patches and their transdermal application continue to become famous as an alternative way to reap all the benefits that CBD supplements bring to the table.
Many people also view it as a way to receive a prolonged treatment dosage while being discreet.
Like any other CBD-infused products available in the market today, CBD patches can’t get you high since Cannabidiol functions differently than THC, the psychoactive element of Cannabis plants.
Accurate, useful, and comfortable, CBD patches are as simple as they sound, even if the technological process they undertake is a bit complicated.

What is CBD Patch And How Does it Work?

CBD patch looks like a large band-aid, that you can peel and stick it to any location in your body.
The only difference is that the CBD patches are infused with Cannabidiol.
Unlike the typical CBD oils, the patches aren’t wet. They’re dry so they can stick to your skin.
Most users place them on venous parts of the body, including their arms, ankles, and wrists. They do this since those areas have the potential for a higher absorption rate of CBD into the bloodstream.
CBD patches function by following a complex chemical reaction with the user’s body.
Your body heat will activate the pieces and causes them to release CBD molecules.
Once these molecules get absorbed through the skin, they make their way into the bloodstream, where the body can start processing the compounds.
After that, you’ll then begin to experience the benefits of CBD.

Benefits of CBD Patches

One of the essential benefits of CBD patches is the efficient delivery of Cannabinoid to the body. However, there are other equally important benefits, as well.

Here are some benefits of CBD patches:

1. Better Compound Absorption

What’s the reason behind CBD patches’ better absorption?
It starts with the fact that your lungs and stomach are excellent at preventing any chemical from entering your bloodstream, which is how other CBD products, such as vape and gummies, enter.
While it’s great that such a defense mechanism is possible to protect your body when you’ve inhaled or ingested something harmful, it also means that anything beneficial that you’ve consumed may reach your cells with limited effects.
By using CBD patches, you can bypass the filtering organs of your body, so more of the compound makes it into the bloodstream.
It results in less CBD needed for you to feel and experience the benefits of CBD.

2. Pain Management

CBD patches, like other CBD-infused products, have shown to alleviate ailments-related pains in the body, including lower back pains, spinal cord injury, arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, chemotherapy, and depression. You can use CBD patches to manage both acute and chronic pains.
Like band-aids, you’ll have to apply the patch to the site or area where you feel pain, allowing the supplement to get delivered immediately or over a short period. Some CBD patches can also last for up to three days through nanotechnology in the reservoir patch.

3. Arthritis

One of the leading causes of disability in the USA is arthritis.
More than fifty-four million adults in the country have arthritis, which is more common in women than men.
One type of arthritis, osteoarthritis, affects thirty-one million in the country by causing joints inflammation. Several studies have pointed out the effectiveness of transdermal doses of CBD to reduce pain and other symptoms related to arthritis.
Many CBD users prefer transdermal delivery because it can bypass the stomach, liver, and lungs entirely - the traditional organs that break down or filter the Cannabinoid.

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Published: January 9 2020