IV Therapy - What Is It?

IV Therapy - What Is It?

IV Therapy – What Is It?

IV (intravenous) therapy may be something new to you, but it's been around for some time. Many health clinics worldwide are using IV therapy to better results for their patients. IV treatments actually made headlines, especially with famous athletes and movie stars.

The process of adding micronutrients to a patient's body via IV is very effective when you understand the root cause of degeneration and sickness. Rapid cellular breakdown or degeneration in the human body starts with a lack of nutrition and oxygen. Our circulatory system is what delivers oxygen and nutrients to our organs and tissues through the blood. If blood content is deficient, cellular breakdown begins and aging occurs.

You are indeed what you eat. In reality you are really what you put in your body. Deficiency in mineral and vitamin content, combined with a poor diet, is the reason that most of the population is nutritionally deprived, which is the cause of chronic disease, pain and premature aging. Proper nutrition is very important.

One of the most important functions in our body is our immune system. There are a number of factors, such as stress and anxiety, that are outside our control but can affect our immune system. The best way to combat this is to clean our body of toxins and increase our intake of nutrients.

Nutritional IV therapy is the best alternative for getting nutrition into the body by bypassing the stomach digestion and delivering significant nutrients to every cell in your body.

Nutritional IV therapy is also a treatment for nutritional deficiencies. Health supplements and regular diet may deliver less than 10% absorption rate. IV therapy can deliver from 65-90% absorption rate – that is unheard of comparing to food or dietary supplements. IV therapy could be a life-saving option in some cases.

IV therapy can be easily applied for immunity defense, inflammation, chronic pain, hangover or general wellness. You don't have to be sick or dysfunctional to benefit from IV therapy.

We are not immune to the environmental toxins surrounding us. We are being bombarded with negative factors such as toxins, pesticides, pollution and stress on a daily basis.

There are numbers of different IV therapy treatments available. Custom plans can also be designed for you depending on your individual needs. IV therapy can deliver the potential to help you live healthier, even for the most complicated cases.

Try IV therapy at least once. You'll be surprised at what nutrition therapy can do for you.

At CBD Health + Boutique, we want people to understand the various ways they can live healthier lives. IV therapy may be an option for you! To learn more, give us a call at 954-531-0534 or contact us.

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