Can CBD help with Gum Disease?

Can CBD help with Gum Disease?

Can CBD help with Gum Disease?

Cbd may help to minimize gum disease. CBD anti-inflammatory properties fight inflammation that causes gum disease such as periodontitis. Gum disease causes gums to pull away from the teeth, breaking down the bones and tissues supporting teeth that ultimately results in tooth loss.

Can CBD, Vitamin C and B12 combination regrow gums?

Vitamin C special healing properties can help damaged gums that are receding due to any health reason. Low levels of vitamin B12 causes severe periodontitis issues, such as greater gum pocket depth. Antioxidant-rich Elderberry seems to be efficient against viruses including the flu and also to reduce inflammation.

It may not be easy to heal your gums, but with determination and consistency it can be done. You need to add this amazing combination of Cbd, vitamin C, B12 and Elderberry to your diet along with taking proper care of your teeth.

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Full Spectrum CBD may cause so called “Entourage Effect” in which multiple cannabinoids and terpenes synergize for better wellness potential.

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Please note that Full Spectrum products may contain up to 0.3% THC