Which CBD product Is Best for You? .

Which CBD product Is Best for You? .

Which CBD product Is Best for You?

When shopping for Cbd, you’ll have a choice of 3 different types and potency with specific benefits based on their cannabinoid profile:
- Full spectrum
- Broad spectrum
- Pure isolate

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes,from Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) plant. Full spectrum CBD is more potent than other Cbd because of the amount of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes that creates so called entourage effect.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is similar to full spectrum, with the amount of THC reduced to non-detectable levels. Broad spectrum CBD contains less cannabinoids and terpenes than Full Spectrum Cbd.

Pure CBD Isolate

This is the purest form of CBD. In Cbd Isolate all additional cannabinoids and terpenes are removed during extraction process creating a powder that is almost 100% pure CBD.

Which CBD Strength Is Best for You?
All CBD tinctures come in 30 ml bottles (30 servings) and with different strengths. Once you understand the importance of product potency it will be much easier for you to choose the proper option. It is very important to find the ideal serving size that is best to serve your needs. You can always adjust your serving based on Cbd potency. Most CBD users report results in as little as 1 - 2 days while others take up to 1 - 2 weeks. Please note that the consistent use is the key.

Regular Strength CBD Oil – 750mg CBD Per Bottle and up
Extra Strength CBD Oil – 1500mg CBD Per Bottle and up
Maximum Strength CBD Oil – 3000mg CBD Per Bottle and up
Max Strength + CBD Oil Tincture – 5000mg CBD Per Bottle and up

What is the best option for 1st time CBD User?
Cbd gummies. You can start with low dose and gradually increase your serving size until you see results.You can adjust your serving size anytime from half of suggested serving to higher amount.
Remember Start Low, Go Slow.

The Cbd is not a novelty. Archaeological discoveries indicate that products from the Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) were used in Mesopotamia as early as 8000 BCE for the same benefits such as: anxiety, stress, relaxation, help with sleep, inflammation and chronic pain.