ATTENTION Chiropractors, Salons & Spa Owners!!!

ATTENTION Chiropractors, Salons & Spa Owners!!!

Are you interested in increasing your bottom line?

Here is a new product that is taking market by storm!

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The SOMADERM Human Growth Hormone Transdermal Gel has increased revenue and bottom line for many Offices, Salons and Spa stores almost overnight.

The DEMAND IS REAL and so is SOMADERM HGH Transdermal Gel. Visit for more information and you can sign up either as a customer or as a distributor.

What is the cost for 1 bottle of Somaderm HGH Gel?

- Retail: $169.99 plus shipping.

- Auto-ship: $149.99 with Free shipping.

- Distributors: $140 on auto-ship with Free shipping.

- Commercial/Retail Distributors: $89 (start with 40 bottles for $3600) coming soon.

Why all the excitement over Human Growth Hormone?

The real reason Human Growth Hormone is getting so much attention these days is because it has the apparent ability to reduce a person’s apparent and biological age, and since the human race has been searching since the beginning of its existence for the "FOUNTAIN of YOUTH", it’s no wonder people are excited about HGH today.

From enhancing the muscle base of the body, to burning off excess fat, to even (in some cases) bringing back a person’s hair, Human Growth Hormone has it all.

Better still, it can stave off deadly diseases like type-two diabetes, thus helping people to live longer. What exactly is SOMADERM HGH Transdermal Gel? Somaderm is strictly a homeopathic Human Growth Hormone and contains synthetic HGH/Somatropin that is not derived from animal hormones. It is FDA Registered & currently the strongest, most effective product in the world available without prescription.

NO side effects, NO contraindications with any medication, 100% safe. What are the expected benefits of using HGH?

Healthy Levels of Growth Hormone May Offer the Following:

• May support better mood

• May promote hair growth

• May enhance libido

• May support greater muscle tone

• May improve memory

• May support healthier hair, skin & nails

• May increase joint mobility

• May increase fat loss (especially around the mid-section)

• May increase strength

• May increase bone density

You can register as a customer or as a distributor at