How to Get Florida Medical Marijuana Card

How to Get Florida Medical Marijuana Card

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CBD + Health Boutique of Deerfield Beach now Accepts Applications for Medical Marijuana Card for Florida Residents. 

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What you need to know about Florida medical marijuana card.

Since the state legalized medical marijuana use for certain health conditions over 310,000 Floridians have qualified for a medical marijuana card.

Certified medical marijuana doctors explained about what you need to know before applying for medical marijuana treatment.

1. Find a Certified medical marijuana doctor that has taken the state required training.

There are over 2,000 Florida doctors in various medical specialties who are on the Certified medical marijuana list.

2. What do you need to bring to appointment?

Florida residents should bring driver’s license or passport. Seasonal residents (Snow Birds), should bring proof of residence like utility bill, bank statement and/or lease or deed.

It's also good idea to bring prior medical records to help with your qualification for a card.

3. How much is it?

Medical marijuana exam costs from $250 to $400, however it will not be accepted by the insurance company.
Every 7 months Certified medical marijuana doctors see their patients as required by the state.
If you want smokable marijuana there may be an additional charge.

4. What is the wait time to get the card?

It usually takes about 7-10 days to review the application and process $75 payment according to the state of Florida site.
You can renew your card 45 days before your card expiration. Electronic renewal costs $75.

5. Where can you get marijuana once approved?

Once you receive your Florida medical marijuana card can go to any medical marijuana treatment center/dispensary that is licensed by the state of Florida.

Will you qualify?

Medical marijuana is recommended for serious health conditions which include PTS (post-traumatic stress disorder),
multiple sclerosis, Crohn Disease and cancer.

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Certified medical marijuana doctors can also recommend marijuana treatment for chronic pain, if it is related to one of the state specified health conditions.

Once you have the medical marijuana it is wise to start slow to see the effects of THC on your system.