Which CBD product Is Best for You? .

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Which CBD product Is Best for You? When shopping for Cbd, you’ll have a choice of 3 different types and potency with specific benefits based on their cannabinoid profile: - Full spectrum - Broad spectrum - Pure isolate

SATIVA, INDICA, HYBRID: What's The Difference?

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DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SATIVA, INDICA, AND HYBRID The cannabis industry is experiencing growth like never before because of its increasing popularity and acceptance among people from different walks of life. However, its growing popularity has come with more questions about strains, their effects, and how to choose the right strain. Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are the original species of the cannabis plant. When breeders cross Sativa


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WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF ALTERNATIVE CANNABINOID BLENDS? Cannabinoids have incredible medicinal and therapeutic benefits to the human body when used solely. However, combining cannabinoids with other chemicals such as terpenes increases pharmacological activity, widens clinical applications, and improves the range of therapeutic uses. This research paper discusses some of the benefits of alternative cannabinoid blends. 1. Temporary


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Cannabis and pop culture have a relationship that keeps improving over the years. Pop culture has played a massive role in de-stigmatizing cannabis and creating a safe space for users. In addition, hip-hop songs, movies, and sitcoms have been excellent tools for promoting and advocating for the use of cannabis. Not just for its medicinal but its recreational benefits as well. This article discusses cannabis and pop culture, and the current holid

Who Invented The Pre-Roll?

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Who Invented The Pre-Roll? Cannabis pre-rolls have become a popular and convenient way to smoke over the last decade or so, but the invention of the pre-roll felt like it was just yesterday. But it turns out the history of pre-rolls can be traced back much farther than that.
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