Florida Medical Marijuana Card - What you need to know

Florida Medical Marijuana Card - What you need to know
Florida Medical Marijuana Certification
Get your Medical Marijuana Card today!

What you need to know about Florida Medical Marijuana Card - MMJ

Certified medical marijuana doctors explained about what you need to know before applying for Florida Medical Marijuana Card.

Since the state legalized medical marijuana use for certain health conditions over 328,000 Floridians have qualified for a medical marijuana card.

1. Find a Certified Florida medical marijuana doctor that has taken the state required training.

There are over 2,000 Florida doctors in various medical specialties who are on the Certified medical marijuana list.

2. What do you need to bring to appointment?

Florida residents should bring driver’s license or passport. Seasonal residents (Snow Birds), should bring proof of residence like utility bill, bank statement and/or lease or deed.
It's also good idea to bring prior medical records to help with your qualification for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card.

3. How much is it?

Florida Medical Marijuana Card exam costs from $250 to $400 depending on location and urgency.
Every 7 months Certified medical marijuana doctors see their patients as required by the state. If you want smokable marijuana there may be an additional charge.

4. What is the wait time to get the Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

It usually takes about 7-10 days to review the application and process $75 payment according to the state of Florida site.
You can renew your card 45 days before your card expiration. Electronic renewal costs $75.

5. Where can you get marijuana once approved?

Once you receive your Florida medical marijuana card can go to any medical marijuana treatment center/dispensary that is licensed by the state of Florida.

6. Will you qualify?

Medical marijuana is recommended for serious health conditions which include:

  •  Chronic pain
  •  Cancer
  •  Epilepsy
  •  Glaucoma
  •  PTSD
  •  Lou Gehrig’s disease
  •  Crohn’s disease
  •  Chronic seizures
  •  Parkinson’s disease
  •  Multiple sclerosis or medical conditions of the same kind or comparable to those listed above.

Learn more: www.knowthefactsmmj.com
Certified medical marijuana doctors can also recommend marijuana treatment for chronic pain, if it is related to one of the state specified health conditions.
Once you have the medical marijuana it is wise to start slow to see the effects of THC on your system.


Cost: $250+
What this covers:
The Florida Department of Health requires patients to be certified for the use of medical marijuana by a state-approved ordering physician registered with the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use.
Your general physician may not be qualified to recommend a medical marijuana prescription so you’ll need to search specifically for medical marijuana doctors in your area.
Qualifying doctors must have completed a course and examination offered by the Florida Medical Association or Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, depending on their license type.
If your physician determines that your medical condition meets the requirements set forth by the FL Department of Health for the use of medical marijuana, you could have your Florida Medical Marijuana Card recommendation on your very first visit.
The price of an office visit varies by doctor and depends on location and urgency, and is not covered by your medical insurance.
On average, a Florida Medical Marijuana Card recommendation visit will around $250 for new medical marijuana patients.
A "recommendation" is kind of like a prescription, but because marijuana is still illegal under federal law, only medical marijuana recommendations are given.
Your physician will review your symptoms and establish a comprehensive treatment plan using the best form and type of medical marijuana for your condition.
After receiving your Florida Medical Marijuana Card recommendation, your order will be entered into the State’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use patient registry (see associated costs below).
The order will specify the types of Medical Marijuana you’re able to purchase, your recommended daily dose, and the amount of days your order will be active.
You’ll then be able to purchase your medical marijuana from one of Florida’s dispensaries, but you’ll have to get in the Registry first and pay the associated costs.


Cost: $75+
What this covers:
The Department of Health charges a $75 processing fee for your application. This fee also adds you to the state Registry and covers the cost of your ID card.
Patients can expect to pay a $75 fee for their medical marijuana card that will be issued from the Florida Department of Health.
All medical marijuana patients in the State of Florida must be registered with The Medical Marijuana Use Registry.
According to the Florida Department of Health, the Registry is a secure online database for registering medical marijuana physicians and qualified patients. It’s accessible to ordering physicians, law enforcement, dispensing organization staff, and Office of Medical Marijuana Use employees.
When you’re officially registered with the state, you’ll receive a medical marijuana ID card with your photo, just like a driver’s license.
You’ll need to fill out a simple, one-page Medical Marijuana Use Registry Patient ID Card Application in order to receive this.
You’ll also need to have a passport photo available for your medical marijuana ID card, which may cost extra for you to obtain if you don’t already have one. Some medical marijuana physicians provide this in your initial doctor’s visit.


Cost: $75
What this covers:
Your medical card will be good for one year.
To keep your Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification card active, you’ll need to submit a renewal application every year to the Department of Health 45 days before your current ID card’s expiration date. You can find this date printed on the front of your identification card.
You’ll have to fill out the application and submit another $75 processing fee to the Florida Department of Health.


Cost: 150
What this covers:
The Florida Department of Health requires patients to be certified for the use of medical marijuana every 210 days, or seven months.
Certification requires patients to have an in-person visit with a physician for a medical evaluation and medical marijuana recommendation.
Follow up visits are scheduled on a per-patient basis as needed. Most patients will need at least one follow-up visit per year.
As far as refills go, the maximum quantity of medical marijuana each patient can order at a time is a 70-day supply. Your physician may authorize a maximum of two additional 70-day supply refills.
You must receive an additional recommendation from your physician after your order has been exhausted. THC Physicians allows for telemedicine visits with physicians for follow-up visits

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