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New U Life’s HGH Gel is the only transdermal, FDA registered product, containing REAL human growth hormone. HGH Gel has been formulated to help reverse the many signs of aging.

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HGH Gel is a homeopathic form of growth hormone and is 100% safe and effective for men and women over the age of 18. Since HGH Gel is applied topically, within 5-10 minutes the gel is quickly absorbed in the bloodstream. Taking human growth hormone orally is shown to be ineffective as it is easily destroyed by the enzymes in our saliva and our gut, rendering these products ineffective. This makes HGH Gel superior to any other growth hormone supplement on the market.

Why all the excitement over Human Growth Hormone or HGH?

The real reason Human Growth Hormone is getting so much attention these days is because it has the apparent ability to reduce a person’s apparent and biological age, and since the human race has been searching since the beginning of its existence for the "FOUNTAIN of YOUTH", it’s no wonder people are excited about HGH today. From enhancing the muscle base of the body, to burning off excess fat, to even (in some cases) bringing back a person’s hair, Human Growth Hormone has it all. Better still, it can stave off deadly diseases like type-two diabetes, thus helping people to live longer.